Our 2nd day in LA

Today is the hubby’s 63rd birthday. We brought all of his cards/gifts with us so he could open them. He got a lot of nice items – thanks everyone.

We visited Huntington Beach today. Wasn’t too far down Pacific Coastal Highway. On the way we stopped at a doggie beach where we saw some locals with their dogs on the beach and some other critters. 

Here we are at Huntington Beach Pier overlooking the surfers and swimmers.

While at the pier we saw the Blue Angels practicing for air show that’s happening this weekend.  Look closely – two are flying upside down.


At the recommendation of someone we decided to eat at Simmzy’s.  The one we visited is located at 21028 Pacific Coastal Highway, Huntington Beach, CA 92647.

We both had their daily special. It was a Baked Chicken & Dumplings. It was very good.  They describe the dish as an “Oven roasted chicken cooked in its own savory gravy, buttermilk sage dumplings & peas…” 

It was also served with an artisan salad with dried cranberries.

We walked around some more and made our way back to the end of the Pier to take some beautiful sunset photos.

More tomorrow as we continue visiting Los Angeles.

Los Angeles and Cruising

Today we left for vacation. This time around we are spending a few days Los Angeles and then hopping on The Celebrity Infinity to do an 8 day cruise on the Pacific. The cruise itinerary includes 

We decided to drive to LA since it’s only a 6hr drive. We had no issues in traveling until we hit the outer city limits of LA.

Going into town wasn’t too bad but the traffic coming out was awful. It was like this for a good 10 miles. I wouldn’t want to put up with that hike every day. This was around Riverside, California. 

We arrived at our hotel – The Hampton Inn & Suites – at Seal Beach. This was close the Naval Station there. 

Tomorrow we plan to drive around the area to see what’s around. 

Navajo Quilt Update

So as most of you have seen, I’ve started using my Brother Dream Machine 2 Embroidery machine to make some nice Navajo Quilt blocks.  Now that the blocks are finished I started to create the joining pieces between each of the quilt blocks.  Here they are below.  I just love the colors.

Here is a close up view of a couple of them:

Now granted I still have some more to do and I also have to do the center piece – the Indian Star – which will look similar to this sample below when the quilt is finally pieced together.  I have 22 blocks to piece together and have to determine the layout, but things are progressing along.

If anyone would care to comment or to advise on how I could piece this together, I’m open to ideas.




Navajo Quilt 10

Here is the last three quilt blocks for the Navajo Quilt.  Now I have to think about the piecing rows and figure out how to stitch them and the layout the quilt and determine how many of those I need and go from there.  Now that challenge begins.