Navajo Quilt 3

So there have been some challenges using the machine.  Every now and then the top thread is gathering underneath the material.  After getting frustrated, I reached out to our instructor who happened to be in the store that day and she asked us to bring it in.  After working with the machine for a while there, she decided that something needed to be looked at on the machine after having the same issue happen to her.  We initially found that the racer was cracked which could have caused the issue, but after buying a new one and replacing it the same this still happened.  I was without my machine for 3 weeks – talk about withdrawal.  🙂


When we got the machine back, I started again with the Navajo Quilt Designs.   Here are some of the others that have been created:


These designs are very cool.  I cannot wait to piece them together and make this.  I have 15 more designs to make as there are 20 in this package.  Stay tuned to see more designs.

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