Onwards to Rome, Italy

Today is September 24th and we are on our way to Rome, Italy.  Al and I have been to Rome before – in 2010 for my 40th birthday.  We’ve always wanted to go back so I’m glad our neighbors D & G wanted to go; it gave us the opportunity to visit this beautiful city again.

Rome is awesome.  So much history and the food is to die for — there is nothing like freshly made pasta and gravy.

First off, let’s start by saying that we are definitely glad that we did a lot of the travel between hotels/airports via Avante .  Their shuttle services were always on time and their drivers were always pleasant.

The Avante shuttle picked us up early on 24th, since our flight was around 9:30am, arriving in Rome around 11:20am.  We utilized one of the local airlines – vueling – they are kind of like the smaller airlines here in the US; comparable to Allegiant or Spirit.

Navigating the airport lines were a bit of a challenge, though once you read the placards, we got through checking our bags and through security.  Our plane was on time and we boarded.  After a while on the plane it was discovered some maintenance issues were afoot.  This delayed us for about 2 hours.

When we finally took off and got to Rome, we didn’t realize that the Avante driver wouldn’t know that our plane was delayed.  We walked over to Customer Service to ask, but they didn’t know and advised us to call Avante.  Well, being from the US our phones didn’t have the necessary SIM Card/Service to even begin to call.  We asked the Customer Service assistant again and she was kind enough to let us use her personal cell phone and as well translate the call; my Italian consisted of Ciao.  The conversatation didn’t lead to much and they advised to find alternative transportation.

Upon walking out the luggage area there is this vestibule area where all of the taxi/limo/shuttle services are and low and behold a sign that said “Michalak” – yes, Avante waited over 2hrs for us; I would recommend them to anyone traveling through Europe.

When Al and I were here in 2010, we stayed at a Bed & Breakfast close to the Vatican City.  The Residenza Ave Roma was its name.  It is close to the Bridge of Angels  too – you know the bridge from the movie Angels & Demons.    When we were there the person that greeted us was named Vera.  Well as it turns out, this time we were greeted by Vera’s Sister; small world, eh.

We checked in and took a small rest before walking around.  We headed over to Piazza Navona – a decently sized square with fountains and vendors and the like.  We stopped in the Sant’Agnese in Agone – a Baroque Church located in the square.

For dinner we ate at a place called Navona Notte – an awesome place.  We had the lasagne.  It was amazing.

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