Our second day in Barcelona

So it’s Thursday, September 22, our second day in the beautiful city of Barcelona.  Today is beach day.  In our previous trip to Europe and the Mediterranean we never thought to step foot in the Sea.  Today we will do that.  The was was a bit cool – I’d say around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

barcelona-keith-seadip barcelona-al-seadip









The beach wasn’t too packed, but there were folks there laying out and swimming.  Another thing we saw was the gym.  Yup, right on the beach there were a couple areas where people were working out, lifting weights and doing exercises.

barcelona-beach barcelona-beach-gym









In the afternoon, we made out way to Las Ramblas street.  This is the famous street with all the merchants and restaurants.  It was really cool to see the street vendors.

barcelona-las-rabmblas-status barcelona-las-ramblas









Later that evening we made our way to the Magic Fountain.  This was supposed to be a light show within a fountain set to music.  Unfortunately, the show wasn’t going to happen as it was Le Merce – a special music festival; so the venue was a concert and was full of people.


barcelona-olympic-stadium barcelona-magic-fountain-towers